2011 Census – Religion Data available

The 2011 Religious Data from the Census is out – see http://philosvids.wordpress.com/2012/12/11/2011-census-religion-data/ for a link…

I am sure there is much more to say about it – The headline at the British Humanist’s website is: Census results show huge shift in cultural identity from Christianity to no religion. I will get round to it…

One thought on “2011 Census – Religion Data available

  1. The most ridiculous thing I heard on the BBC news yesterday in their report on the fall in numbers who claimed they were Christian and rise in numbers who claim they have no religion, was from a vicar in Norwich who said, ‘I disagree with these [census] figures because that’s not my experience. I see lots of people actively involved in church on a weekly basis’. Well of course if you’re a vicar, most of the people that you come into contact with are going to be similar to you, i.e. practising Christians. I think this just highlights the divide between scientists who recognise things such as representative sample in order to ascertain ‘truth’, and those who find ‘truth’ through feeling and faith. Needless to say, I shouted at the radio in frustration when I heard this vicar speak. I just hope the trend towards ‘no religion’ continues.

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