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What concrete answers can you offer to the following question? It is a question that goes to the very heart of this blog:

“Can Buddhist practice be the one place where we are still allowed to open our eyes to the truths that shape our lives everyday? Can it teach us not to hide from the truth inside a cloud of incense, mindfully experiencing our bodily sensations?” (Tom Pepper, comment #28 on “Running from Zombie Buddhas“)

This blog is concerned with the human. Buddhism claims, too, to be concerned with the human. So, why does this blog not simply offer a straight-forward presentation of Buddhist thought and practice? The answer is: because of the human.

Non-buddhism is an exploration of the suspicion that, as it is, Buddhism ultimately fails the human. Many reasons for that failure have been offered here, and more are on the way. They…

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  1. Why have I reblogged this post?

    Because I think that in Buddhism there are profound and important ways of looking at the human condition. The account of this condition found, in my experience, in the Pali Canon provides rich philosophical material – and I think this post (and parts of the blog it comes from more generally) are part of a serious attempt to answer the question of what we can do with this…

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