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I am new to Theta Healing – any readers know more? http://www.thetahealing.com/thetahealing-questions.html may be all I need to know though.. as it features this quote…

What is activation?Watch Video Answer
It’s waking up our DNA to our highest potential.

How many strands of DNA do we activate?
We have 2 strands of DNA in 46 chromosomes, but when we activate DNA we activate the phantom strands, giving the appearance to the intuitive of 12 Strands, but really to the trained intuitive observer there is hundreds. Don’t worry about the little stuff, when you command an activation, everything is activated including mitochondria.

Reading on, I found something that really sounds familiar:

Have you heard of EFT or EMF?
Do I know what it is, not really, but some of my practitioners and teachers practice them and I have heard good things about them. I think any technique that helps people is a good technique.

What do you think of the Reconnection and Eric Pearl?
I’ve only met Eric Pearl once and he seemed polite. I’ve never studied or practiced the Reconnection, but my opinion is anything that helps people is great.

What About Reiki?
I think Reiki is great.

What about NLP?
I think NLP is great .

What about Hypnosis?
I think hypnosis is great.

Does ThetaHealing® have a Trademark?
ThetaHealing® is a Registered Trademark.
The term ThetaHealer® is also a Registered Trademark.

What I note here is that this therapy doesn’t contradict any others – they are all true… (and note the need to trademark ..)


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