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In the spirit of endles social media, rolling ever onwards, I have a tumblr photo blog at

Buddha Butter Dish

This is to showcase images of Contemporary Spirituality which seem to typify the issues raised in the book. It will also be somewhere for the images

I collect of the Buddha / Buddhism, which seem rather culturally clashing, commercially crass or just plain weird. One of the first ones is the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Buddha butter dish that I saw in Bristol today – here it is to whet your appetite foe the tumblr collection. I will be adding my existing Buddha pics to the tumble blog too, for those that have seen me display them as part of lectures/talks…

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  1. Hi David,

    I began fotografing wierd buddhas some years ago. I while ago I) stopped because it began repeating itself. I am curious what incarnations you will find. Take a look at my galerie. The fotos are mainly from Switzerland and Germany, some from Italy and Austria :

    Regards, Matthias

  2. Matthias – thanks for this: some of these are really interesting. The Buddha Pear ( ) is the most crazy one.. Mind if I repost in tumblr?

  3. David, repost it. No problem.

  4. Thanks Matthias – have done!

  5. I should have aded that not all picture in my collection were taken by me. This is one of them. It’s somewhere from the net. You probably already noted this.

  6. Well, Tibetan Buddhists did build sacred sculptures out of butter….

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