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An interview about ‘Indigo Children’:

Originally posted on Philosophy & Religion Video Interviews:
In this short video, Dr David Webster asks Cambridge PhD student Beth Singler about her work on Indigo Children. In the conversation we also talk about the phrase ‘Starseed’: See the Religion, Philosophy & Ethics course blog at

“Eugene Park Was Right: Academic Philosophy Is Failing Its Cosmopolitan Values”

Originally posted on Feminist Philosophers:
Bharath Vallabha has a post here about philosophical traditions, cosmopolitanism, and universality. “The power of philosophy is that, by raising abstract questions about human beings, it generates inquiry to which any person can contribute, irrespective of their local, contingent situation. Universality is intrinsic to philosophy, and most philosophy classes in…

Talking to Knut Melvær about the term ‘Spirituality’

Originally posted on Philosophy & Religion Video Interviews:
In this video, Dr David Webster asks Knut Melvær about the notion of Spirituality – and Knut gives us some of the historical context: ——- See the Religion, Philosophy & Ethics course blog at

Anger, and its risks

I’ve just had a piece go up at  From early comments maybe I should have been clearer that my goal was, by the end of the short piece, to distinguish between types of anger. The Buddhist typology I spoke of is clearly not about anger – but the way things like Abhidhamma texts examine cittas such as chanda – […]

Should a Buddhist Monastic hold Political Views: An Example from the Māgandiya-sutta

Originally posted on Dr Paul Fuller: Buddhist Studies:
In 1963 Thich Nhat Hanh coined the term Engaged Buddhism.  This type of Buddhism asks certain question, for example, should the layman simply acquire merit and seek a better rebirth? Should the monk simply be a field of merit? Should not the layperson also meditate? Should the…

Life Extension and Fear of Death

So, I read this morning a  piece on The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies website about ‘Life Extension’. The piece itself (Don’t Drag Me Along into Your Grave, Daniel Callahan) by Maria Konovalenko is quite normal in regards of life-extension arguments. It makes ethical claims that failing to ‘treat’/look for a ‘cure’ to death is like being […]

No, really, what does Christian theology want from philosophy?

I actually enjoyed reading this, you might too:


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