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Death, Statistics, Happiness – what else?

[Apologies for the pics – having a bit of a meme-fest at the moment..] This post begin by considering some new stats, but ends up far away, considering some issues around death and happiness.. As many have noted, the Pew Forum report has given us some interesting stats about religion. I reblogged Per Smith writing […]


[Apologies for slow blogging / response of late. Those who know me will be aware of the reasons behind this. It may continue for some time, I fear. I will probably continue to tweet due twitter’s brevity, but blog posts – and certainly responses – will be fewer/slower.] Below is a quote from the Pabbatopama […]

Death, Unicorns and Haters..

A number of possible blog topics seem to be possible today. I could talk about the recent Religion Dispatches interview – and all the negative comments, there and elsewhere, in response (more positive was this one). I won’t – some commenters make useful points, but many seem to have only read the first line or […]


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