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Upcoming talks

Looking forward to this event in Groningen: Colloquium on Asian religions | Buddhism and Fetish When: Mo 27-10-2014 Start: 16:00 End: 17:30 Where: Oude Boteringestraat 38, Groningen And then  to be involved in these:   Upcoming events, Fall 2014 Thursday, November 13, 1 p.m. Workshop: “Desire-Cessation Theories of Happiness” Featured speakers: Bernard Reginster, Brown University; Susan Sauve […]

Anger, and its risks

I’ve just had a piece go up at  From early comments maybe I should have been clearer that my goal was, by the end of the short piece, to distinguish between types of anger. The Buddhist typology I spoke of is clearly not about anger – but the way things like Abhidhamma texts examine cittas such as chanda – […]

Texts from the wise?

For more of these, you’ll need to go to my tumblr at  

Meditation, Meditation, Meditation

The people at Tricycle put this on their Facebook page this week.. On his page, Dan Fisher featured the image with the phrase: How “the Mindfulness Movement Uses Buddhism to Prop Up the White-Supremacist-Capitalist-Cishet Patriarchy” – a phrase he borrows from Josh Eaton. I think there is a seed (grain?) of truth here. Like many others, […]

Secular Buddhist Podcast

A recent Podcast interview I did with Ted Meissner at The Secular Buddhist can be heard HERE…

Dispirited interview with Tricycle Magazine

Dispirited interview with Tricycle Magazine I know I am overdue to post about the SBNR issues with studies and mental health – and that’ll appear.. But till then – here’s an interview (entitled ‘The Dangers of Spirituality”) that I did with the Buddhist magazine Tricycle’s website: 

Meanwhile, at American Buddhist Perspective..

More interesting stuff from Justin, on models of thought in Buddhism: I am often asked “why ‘impose’ Western models of thought on Buddhism?” as if discussing the nature of Buddhist philosophy or ethics is some sort of new colonialist/imperialist activity. The fact is, the Buddha used countless models, analogies, and illustrative examples in his teachings. […]


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