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Podcasts and Reviews..

A bit quiet over the summer, but a recent podcast I did with Stephen Schettini (AKA The Naked Monk) has come out. We talk about the book, and various things. One of the most interesting is the idea of what would have happened to the traditional forms of religion in Western  Europe and the US if Buddhism hadn’t had […]

Squeezing into Uncomfortable Spaces: Scholarly Objectivity and Strong Opinions.

Below is a version of the paper I gave at CESNUR13. Clearly I will have said more in person: digressed, embellished and clarified, no doubt. But though it may be of some interest… — Isn’t the University emblematic of free speech? It is where we say what can’t be uttered in commercial contexts, or in faith contexts […]

Secular Buddhist Podcast

A recent Podcast interview I did with Ted Meissner at The Secular Buddhist can be heard HERE…

Dispirited interview with Tricycle Magazine

Dispirited interview with Tricycle Magazine I know I am overdue to post about the SBNR issues with studies and mental health – and that’ll appear.. But till then – here’s an interview (entitled ‘The Dangers of Spirituality”) that I did with the Buddhist magazine Tricycle’s website: 

Spiritual But Not Religious (again)

Ok – I have said things on this topic again – but perhaps I might be clearer. I haven’t object to the term “Spiritual But Not Religious’ out of pique, or disrespect: but because I am not sure it makes sense.. Of course, we can (as I say in the book) see it as a form […]

American Buddhist Perspective – Review

Hi.. Just a quick post to note the book review at the American Buddhist Perspective blog: Webster teaches Religion, Philosophy, and Ethics not far from me and as a fellow traveler on the road of Buddhist studies (Webster’s fist book is on Buddhism and Desire) and philosophy, I have been looking forward to reading this book […]

Rabbi Jason Rosenberg from Tampa reviews Dispirited..

At, Rabbi Jason Rosenberg from Tampa reviews Dispirited. Below is a flavour of the piece… There’s always a lot of talk about the idea of being “spiritual but not religious.” It certainly is a fairly common refrain, and it’s no surprise that proponents (and leaders) of organized religion are often against it. I’ll admit to having […]


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