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“Can atheists be spiritual? Sam Harris reignites long-running debate”

Over at the Religion News Service, Chris Stedman has been exploring whether atheists can be spiritual.. The article is at:  – and I am delighted to be quoted. Of course, atheists can enjoy sunsets, marvel at our place in the cosmos, reflect deeply on ethics and our interconnectedness – but I argue that we can do […]

Militant Atheists and associated nonsense..

I see TED has stepped away from the Rupert Sheldrake talk at one if its TedX events.. Then Deepak Chopra and various folk object, etc – and we finally have a response HERE, that defends TED. I am not a great Fan of TED talks really, but they seem on the ball here. Whatever you think of […]

2011 Census – Religion Data available

The 2011 Religious Data from the Census is out – see for a link… I am sure there is much more to say about it – The headline at the British Humanist’s website is: Census results show huge shift in cultural identity from Christianity to no religion. I will get round to it…

Death, Statistics, Happiness – what else?

[Apologies for the pics – having a bit of a meme-fest at the moment..] This post begin by considering some new stats, but ends up far away, considering some issues around death and happiness.. As many have noted, the Pew Forum report has given us some interesting stats about religion. I reblogged Per Smith writing […]

Atheism Plus. Or Not. Or Something Else..

UPDATE: See – although I don’t (see below!) wholly agree with Atheism Plus, the harrassment Jen McCreight  has had to put up with is totally uncalled for. It goes way beyond reasonable disagreement, and has often featured real, nasty misognyny. It reminds me of Laurie Penny’s piece about the huge abuse that women get online. I am very […]

Just a cartoon I saw

Sartre, Human Nature and ‘kusala’…

I was re-reading Jean-Paul Sartre’s 1946 piece Existentialism Is a Humanism recently, as I headed off to explore existentialism with some 6th Formers locally. It was an interesting session, and not too doom-laden – I hope… What struck me though, on my -re-read, was the following passage: What do we mean by saying that existence precedes […]


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