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this weekend I attended the Greenbelt festival and various thoughts came uninvited into my head about the presumed battle between the faithful and the faithless. here are some of them. This is a reflection of this conversation in the UK, i realise that readers outside the UK might have a very different experience of the religion versus atheism discussion/feud/fist fight (note – as usual please remember this is not journalism so no editorial process has taken place – expect poor spelling, ugly punctuation or peculiar phrasing, my brain has an erratic toolbar) 


Does it matter to me if someone is religious?


Does it matter to me if someone justifies their cruelty or oppression to others because of their religion?


Does it matter to me if someone is a creationist?


Does it matter to me if a creationist insists it should be taught with science at school?

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  1. Thanks for the link. Very interesting blog, with some refreshingly sane conversation in the comments as well!

    1. Sane conversation? In comments? What’s the world coming to..

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