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Atheism Plus. Or Not. Or Something Else..

UPDATE: See – although I don’t (see below!) wholly agree with Atheism Plus, the harrassment Jen McCreight  has had to put up with is totally uncalled for. It goes way beyond reasonable disagreement, and has often featured real, nasty misognyny. It reminds me of Laurie Penny’s piece about the huge abuse that women get online. I am very […]

Originally posted on Robinince's Blog:
this weekend I attended the Greenbelt festival and various thoughts came uninvited into my head about the presumed battle between the faithful and the faithless. here are some of them. This is a reflection of this conversation in the UK, i realise that readers outside the UK might have…

American Buddhist Perspective – Review

Hi.. Just a quick post to note the book review at the American Buddhist Perspective blog: Webster teaches Religion, Philosophy, and Ethics not far from me and as a fellow traveler on the road of Buddhist studies (Webster’s fist book is on Buddhism and Desire) and philosophy, I have been looking forward to reading this book […]

The Momus Report review..

Over at there is another review… It begins:   Throughout this book author David Webster makes disparaging remarks to the current interest in Mind, Body, Spirit with the acronym MBS. It is the last two letters that are probably the most significant. This book is nothing less than an attack on the confusion of pseudo-science and the […]


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