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Originally posted on Paul Sinha:
Life isn’t always easy is it Aidan ? I imagine that you feel a little hard done by , that the events of the last 12 months have rather conspired against you. What about that stag weekend in France ? Your friends dressed as Nazis , toasting the ideologies of…

North Adelaide Baptist Church

It seems Dispirited is the basis for this sermon: THE SERMON: listen here…

Originally posted on The Space Beyond Being:
“Existence permeates sexuality and vice versa, so that it is impossible to determine, in a given decision or action, the proportion of sexual to other motivations, impossible to label a decision or act ‘sexual’ or ‘non-sexual’ . There is no outstripping of sexuality any more than there is…

“Why We Should be Cultivating Ritual, Not Piety” by Per Smith..

I have broke (briefly) the re-blog thing: so manual – worth a read nonetheless! Over at the new Patheos blog, Science on Religion, Connor Wood poses the no longer rhetorical question: “Does religion make us moral?” He presents this question in order to highlight the implications raised by the recent publication of Yale psychologist Paul Bloom, […]

Originally posted on lives; running:
One theme of this summer’s Olympic sports coverage will be the weak challenge by British athletes in the men’s and women’s middle distances – in the women’s 800 metres for example, UK athletics have been able to fill just one of the three potential spaces . There is no expectation of…

Meanwhile, at American Buddhist Perspective..

More interesting stuff from Justin, on models of thought in Buddhism: I am often asked “why ‘impose’ Western models of thought on Buddhism?” as if discussing the nature of Buddhist philosophy or ethics is some sort of new colonialist/imperialist activity. The fact is, the Buddha used countless models, analogies, and illustrative examples in his teachings. […]

Rabbi Jason Rosenberg from Tampa reviews Dispirited..

At, Rabbi Jason Rosenberg from Tampa reviews Dispirited. Below is a flavour of the piece… There’s always a lot of talk about the idea of being “spiritual but not religious.” It certainly is a fairly common refrain, and it’s no surprise that proponents (and leaders) of organized religion are often against it. I’ll admit to having […]


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