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The objections there have been, in places I have seen and some others that I suspect exist, to Dispirited, seem to partly have coalesced around my concerns over the term Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR). Another is my seemingly conflation of SBNR and ‘new age’ practices/beliefs. This is simpler to address. There are parts of […]

Sartre, Human Nature and ‘kusala’…

I was re-reading Jean-Paul Sartre’s 1946 piece Existentialism Is a Humanism recently, as I headed off to explore existentialism with some 6th Formers locally. It was an interesting session, and not too doom-laden – I hope… What struck me though, on my -re-read, was the following passage: What do we mean by saying that existence precedes […]

Originally posted on Speculative Non-Buddhism:
What concrete answers can you offer to the following question? It is a question that goes to the very heart of this blog: “Can Buddhist practice be the one place where we are still allowed to open our eyes to the truths that shape our lives everyday? Can it teach…

Meditation and ‘Spirit’?

An issue that keeps coming up in talks about Dispirited is that of meditation. Mindfulness meditation seems, in some contemporary settings, thoroughly secularised. Over at the Mental Health Foundation offer an online course to support people dealing with stress. They have a FAQ page that contains this statement: Is it Religious? No, this course […]

Quick review: “Dispirited” by David Webster

Really generous review over at by Phil Jourdan: after his American adventures, I’m amazed he has the energy to write/review anything: Quick review: “Dispirited” by David Webster.

“A Dispirited visit to Waterstones”

Over on his The ‘God Blog’, Mel Thompson considers Dispirited in the light of a visit to Waterstones. You can read the full piece over on his blog, but I was taken by his experience of looking for the Philosophy section of the bookshop: One small section of shelving was labeled ‘Religions’ and it had a small selection […]

Death, Unicorns and Haters..

A number of possible blog topics seem to be possible today. I could talk about the recent Religion Dispatches interview – and all the negative comments, there and elsewhere, in response (more positive was this one). I won’t – some commenters make useful points, but many seem to have only read the first line or […]


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