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Religion Dispatches Interview

In case people are interested there is an interview with me, about Dispirited, now up on the Religion Dispatches Magazine web site: HERE Cheers, Dave.

All Paths are Valid?

I was reading about The School of the Living Light, which “focuses on spiritual development, meditation, channelling and healing courses.” I shouldn’t, I know. But I was. It contains much of the usual blend of reiki, channelling, healing and ‘ascension’.  But what I also noted was this text: There are many paths to spiritual growth […]

Book news

In exciting news – copies of Dispirited arrived from the publishers this morning. Amazon and other booksellers should be getting copies very soon. In fact Amazon US is showing the book as in stock… Nothing more to add – was just excited to get my hands on a physical copy! [Update: the book is now available […]


Just a short post… I am new to Theta Healing – any readers know more? may be all I need to know though.. as it features this quote… What is activation?Watch Video Answer It’s waking up our DNA to our highest potential. How many strands of DNA do we activate? We have 2 strands […]

Žižek and the challenge for 21st Century Atheism

Turns out May (on this blog at least) is Žižek month… I was reading an article (Slavoj Žižek, “The Fear of Four Words: A Modest Plea for the Hegelian Reading of Christianity,” in The Monstrosity of Christ: Paradox or Dialectic, ed. Creston Davis (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2009) 27-28) where Žižek seems to touch on another of […]

Marmite Thinkers and Spiritual Rejections

As previous posts attest, I am an atheist. One who also rejects Spirituality. However, in some of my talks I have received flak for seeming to defend organised religion (while attacking disorganised religions). I am not sure I do so that much – but I do feel that some of the more positive fallouts of […]


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