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Awesome seminars?

While I am going to try and limit myself from just posting extreme examples of Mind, Body & Spirit culture here (so that I avoid, at least a little the straw man accusation), I just couldn’t quite resist this one. The image here is striking, and the list of speakers at seems to really reinforce the […]

Heathen atheists? Part 1…

As promised, I wanted to make some comments about Julian Baggini‘s article in the Guardian, his Heathen Manifesto. As I said in a previous post, I share much of his view that atheism is too often seen as arrogant, shouty and aggressive. That doesn’t mean that this is true of all, or even that many, […]

Philosophy of Religion resources?

If anyone has interests in the Philosophy of Religion – I would recommend a look at a new blog from Dr Roy Jackson, at There are resources, some short videos, stuff that may be useful for revising students, and a sample chapter from the second edition of his God of Philosophy book. There is also a blog, […]

Photo blog

In the spirit of endles social media, rolling ever onwards, I have a tumblr photo blog at This is to showcase images of Contemporary Spirituality which seem to typify the issues raised in the book. It will also be somewhere for the images I collect of the Buddha / Buddhism, which seem rather culturally clashing, commercially crass or […]

Soul Loss?

I know, I know – I was going to look at Julian Baggini’s 12 Rules for Heathens – and I will keep that promise. But: I didn’t know then about Soul Loss. ‘What is Soul Loss?’ I hear you ask. What indeed. It is ‘one of the main reasons people get ill, from a shamanic point of view‘. […]

Heathen Manifesto? Is this what we need?

In a recent article in The Guardian, Julian Baggini wrote what he called his ‘heathen manifesto’. These 12 rules for heathens were his way of trying to go beyond the view of atheists as militant extremists with whom it is pointless to enter into debate. Back in September 2011, Julian wrote about a ‘stalemate’ in […]


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