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Mystic Narrative…

In Dispirited one of the claims that I make is regarding the way mysticism is presented. I will get to what I write in the book shortly – but wanted to note that in the talks on the book I have been giving, I have been asked is there is evidence for my assertions re this […]

SBNR Watch 1: The Hunger Games

[SBNR = Spiritual But Not Religious.. I will be keeping an eye on the use of this phrase  – where I stand on this term is fairly clear.] In a blog at the Washington Post, an author (Diana Butler Bass) discusses the absence of religion from the recently released film ‘The Hunger Games’ (which I have […]


This morning, I was (and I knew it was probably unwise..) at and was reading away – largely interested in how the word ‘enlightenment’ is used in Mind, Body & Spirit (MBS) contexts. This interest derives from my work on Buddhism, and my concern that MBS materials often seem to imply that their usage is […]

Reflections post-NTU..

I have been doing talks about the Dispirited book recently – in places as diverse as Swindon, Oxford, Lund (in Sweden), Cheltenham & yesterday at Nottingham Trent University… These have all been very interesting, and some of the questions that have been raised are addressed on the FAQ page. However, last night I thought that one particular […]

What is Dispirited about?

The back-cover blurb from the book should give an idea: When someone tells me that they are “Not religious, but very spiritual”, I want to punch them in the face. Hard… Dispirited argues that contemporary accounts of spirituality are a dead end for human potential, a threat to intellectual rigour, and opposed to social and […]


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